My journey with Todoist began in 2014 during my placement at Zweitag. During a meeting with my former manager Julian, I did a short glance on his screen spotting the infamous red icon. Knowing that Julian was really passionate on efficient working approaches I had to do research of the unknown app.

Later the underlying concept, the Getting Things Done methodology tremendeously helped me to stay focussed during the completion of my Masters studies. If you haven’t already read the Book i do recommend it. Don’t read it by heart, but get inspired by the concepts discussed.

I’ve compiled some “hacks” on this page which I use to make Todoist productivity tool of choice.

Use Shared Projects

I’m using a shared project as a shopping list with my spouse. It’s dead simple and works with her free plan.

Use not Ending Tasks with bold typeface

To get a better overview within Projects, you can define tasks which are not completeable serving as kind of sections.

Both convetions lead to a non completeable task with a bold typeface

* **Gelbe Säcke** 🗑
* !!Work!! 👔

Using Unicode Emojis

Todoist supports unicode Emojis within Tasks, Projects and Labels.

Use Webhook Integration for Custom Workflows

I’m using Todoist Webhooks to feed completed Tasks into AWS Lambda which inspects the completed task and triggers custom actions such as creating a new task. The integration is pretty similar to that what Zapier within premium does, besides it costs me 0€ as it runs within the AWS free tier.

Currently using that to remind me before reaching the 10-hours working time limit in Germany.

The function is based on a previous project which did the same as a standalone Python Flask application.

Use Inbox for ideas

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