• Homelab - Part 1: Overview

    Due to Covid-19 I took on the task to build something new and exciting. It was time to rebuild and extend services i’m hosting in my local network. As a quick premise: Everything i’m running locally is only exposed to clients within the same network.

  • Stop Trying to Make Hard Work Easy

    Today I want to recommend an interesting article from Nir Eyal.

  • Journey to Serverless - Migrated my Todoist Integration to Lambda

    I migrated my Todoist Webhook Integration from a self-hosted version towards AWS Lambda.

    Here is why!

  • Secure your Services with Traefik and Google oAuth

    Hobby projects tend to grow, so is the need to have proper authentification in place.

    With the use of Containers and Orchestration Tools such as docker-compose you can bring up entire ELK stacks within seconds. Still the setup will feature non-protected installations. Luckily there is a solution for Traefik my edge router of choice. I want to show some of the key parts to get it working.

  • Getting Started with Minikube on WSL2

    One nice Sunday morning, I wanted to get started with Kubernetes to learn the underlying concepts. I wanted to run it on my local machine to play a bit around similar to what i’m already doing with docker-compose.

  • Remote Work - Challenges ahead

    Due to the COVID-19 spread many companies have to transform their working reality towards a fully remote approach. Wherever possible, companies try to remain their operations while protecting their workforce. Before the spread, the company I’m working at allowed a part of their workforce to work remotely for one or two days a week. The spread completely changed that.

  • Showcase - Build your own Todoist Integration

    When I started working at my current employer, I noticed an unconvenience every day. Keeping track of the time of arrival and calculate when I should leave the office latest possible to not get into trouble for beeing present too long. This “trouble” actually protects employees, which is quite an asset in Germany.

  • How I'm using Todoist

    My journey with Todoist began in 2014 during my placement at Zweitag. During a meeting with my former manager Julian, I did a short glance on his screen spotting the infamous red icon. Knowing that Julian was really passionate on efficient working approaches I had to do research of the unknown app.